Collective Consciousness

by Catch Wreck

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Collective Consciousness is Boston MC, Catch Wreck’s fourth release. Showcasing a healthy dose of Boston-based talent, Collective Consciousness features appearances by fellow members of the Cool Collective Reps, Retrospek and original production by Rah Intelligence, Blizz Cartel, Illy Sav, Evilldewer and Anonymous formerly of the group, Project Move. A lyrical assault on the current state of the Hip-Hop industry, Collective Consciousness challenges the commercial constraints of the art form. While the album is a product of and reaction to Wreck’s Roxbury roots, Catch casts his net wide, addressing a variety of topics including personal struggle, confrontation, and current events.

“For me, art is about uniting people around an idea. For a long time the music industry has made it difficult for a variety of ideas to be represented but now we’re starting to see that shift. Technology has taken a lot away from the major labels and its easier now for artists to reach listeners directly. As a result I believe that eventually we will start to see a shift in the way people think and act.”

-Catch Wreck


released December 21, 2011

Recorded at Cybersound Studios, The Bridge Sound & Stage, and Catch's Room
Production by Illy Sav, Blizz Cartel, Rah Intelligence, Anonymous, and Evill Dewer
Mixed and Mastered at the Bridge Sound & Stage Studios
All songs written and performed by by Catch Wreck except Spliff Lifta, written and performed by Catch Wreck and Retrospek
Album Artwork by Jacob Leidolf -


all rights reserved



Catch Wreck Boston

"Deep-voiced and self-proclaimed “average guy” whose flexibility allows him to twist words to fit any beat. Catch Wreck’s style exudes the almost lackadaisical confidence of someone along the lines of a Prodigy from Mobb Deep." -XXL
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Track Name: Average Guy
I'm just an average guy, you mad at me why?
do my thing with my talents and I (and I)
Keep it fly as planes in the sky
But I'm maintainin' and blazin' the li
like my muslim brothers be praisin' Allah, I be praisin Jah
Praise God we mad it this fah'
oh thats the Boston in me
Roxbury resident, we don't talk to police
My g's stay posted on the block with the heat
crackrocks in their socks at their feet
walkin' in the streets, rockin' to these Illy Sav beats
so you really wouldn't want it if you really had beef
No, really, these niggas actin silly
and I don't really wanna have to let 'em know the dilly
but will he if he have to, safe bet
I promise you it's not a good idea to make threats
I'm smokin' cigarettes and cursin' like tourettes
How many regrets does a person like to get
I'm workin on my steps and showin you the move
like a true b-boy always focused in the grooves
I been noticin' a few
cats who think they know the thing to do
and they've never been quoted in the news
I been rollin' with my team members swollen and my soldiers never loose
but you niggas with no clues only known to get confused
I say it on the record make it known in interviews
Its the truth I'm exposin' it to you
Come approach us if you choose
We bad news, Boycott Blues
Call me the Cointelpro how I stay on the Move
So what it do? This Mr. masterful Wreck
with enough intellect to astralproject
break your neck, you don't want it with the fam
We on it once again, watch the consciousness expand
Track Name: Hello
What's good? What's poppin'? What's happenin'?
What a way to get it started, get it crackin'
Sick of fake thugs with the actin'
And I'm bout to send these backpackers packin'

Fuck a crowd reaction!
These niggas aint rappin they preoccupied with fashion
And I'm smashin the competition
puttin niggas on blast cuz cats didn't wanna listen

Greetings, salutations,
I'm bout to force it 'cuz I'm runnin' out of patience
niggas hatin' and debatin', I'm just demonstratin'
Me and O had you waitin' now we devastatin'
you hesitatin' we levitatin' above the crowd
just meditatin' with better haze and we love the loud
Gang Starr so above the clouds, and gettin iller
but Primo roll with Mac Miller

Turn the volume on the phone up
Gassed niggas lit a match they blown up
and I dont give a fuck where they at nigga so what?
I cover holes up with a patch got it sewn up

Roxbury where I grown up
Star Wars how I'm fuckin all the clones up
pigs takin bites out of doughnuts
everybody goin nuts, young and restless to grownups

Girl its been a minute since we spoke
How you livin'? Is it different since we haven't been as close?
different strokes for different folks but I miss you the most
wish you the best but haven't givin' up hope so
hit me back when you got time to talk
I aint about to blow you up and I aint trynna stalk
I'ma smoke this blunt and sip this Private Stock
see nothing changed, you got fly and forgot

Peace we need more of that
Like we need more support for this sort of rap
I'm trynna put it in the air like a quarterback
but I can barely afford to record the track
and I'm assured of the fact that cats is bored with that
Circus tourin act, quick, where the doors is at?
I'm still hecklin' the weak performers
I speak freely and reach is enormous

I'm closin' down clubs from Cambridge to the Bean
embarrassin' promoters 'cuz I'm major i the scene
I'ma show these rappers the new way to get the cream
Aint no way we gon' pay to get seen

So this is the new greeting
Look me in the eye when I'm speaking
I may be high but I know I'm not tweakin'
Just because I say goodby doesn't mean I'm leavin'
I'm keepin' it where it need to be, I'm the reason
So how you doin' this evening?
Make some noise for the act you came to see and
Get up out your seats and rock to the beat
Pay attention I drop topics that you not gonna peep
I'm obviously shallow but I'm properly deep
I'm bout to build on this monopoly with property deeds
come holler at me with an offer but no coppin' for free
I'm probably one of the best that yall gonna see
so say hello...
Track Name: Taxi Driver
What do rappers say in the beginning of songs anyway? Fuckin bullshit...

Flow different so a nigga can stand out
not to be confused with niggas stickin' they hands out
I'm figurin' the plans out,
sippin' a guiness stout, this is not the beginners route
I'm livin' out my dreams of gettin clout
Let another nigga tell it I'm the best thing out
the best thing out? Hell yeah the best thing out!
you deep pocket niggas better start investing now
I aint trynna make less than a thou'
so you better be doin better then what I'm gettin for now
trendsettin' steppin' out, lethal weapon
coolin and collectin' with the team I'm reppin' (CCR)

[Vocal samples]

I'm interesting, microphone checkin'
Is this thing on? I'm Kanye West-ing
shock and awe keep 'em guessin'
while most of these niggas is lip-professin'
I'm gettin lit in a session
they mad 'cuz I'm steppin' in a different direction
(hold up) my vision is perfection
young nigga kickin' wisdom and lessons
and you may not have seen it before
but this skinny muhfucka gon put ya team on the floor
so open the door
marijuana coke and some more
i'm mr. adderall, ritalin, focused for sure!
Might be broker than before
I work at it like a girlfriend and hope that its for sure
pourin' all my emotion in
evokin' the hope from within

[vocal samples]

Now listen, Wreck be gettin busy with vanilla dutch blizzies, and like 7 on the scizzy
Lets get this money nigga!
Dead broke scrapin' to make ends meet, bubble the flame
fuck it i love it, no struggle, no gain
I be on some shit thats difficult to explain
so bare with me for the takeoff as we fuel up the plane
ask ya crew, what's my name? (Catch Wreck)
That should give you a clue about what I'll do to the game
I'm the newest and truest to not do it the same
so don't knock the hustle, I knock boots with ya dame
the truth is, you doophises is stupid and lame
and I be swervin' through the traffic gettin through to the lane, I bring the pain!
Track Name: Spliff Lifta
Catch: uh huh, right, it goes,
no haircut, face unshaven
Catch wreck emergin from the base, guns blazin' (blazin')
[Half man half amazing]
Half these rappers I can't fuck with what they sayin'
but talent we displayin' gon have to get us a way in
or we gon turn to Mike Tyson at the weigh-in
'cuz we been waitin while niggaz is imitatin
illuminati or not, who deliverin us from satan?
the dumber the song, the bigger the bucks your makin'
they get rid of the women for bitches that fuck for payment
its modern day enslavement in the age of information
subliminal manipulation on the beats we lacin'
this aint no music this is utter devastation
countdown to the end like we got time to be waistin'
2012 I think I'ma just be patient
and watch a little youtube while we blazin'

From the lips with the shit that I tell
to the click from the clip and the shell
angels gettin' lifted from hell
from the Spliff that I lift and inhale

From the lips with the shit that I tell
to the click from the clip and the shell
angels gettin' lifted from hell
from the Spliff that I lift and inhale, it aint hard to tell

Spenda: yo, Nothin but slap shots, Wayne Gretsky
I get more annoyed by the bar, Joe Pecci
impatient colossal-sized philoso-raps
brought to you by the spliff-burner hypochondriac
real statements like they rejected my illuminati application, i tried to send it on gmail
but i will prevail, without selling out for the sake of retail
gimmick or rather re-sale
they look at my life like I'm some kind of mobster
but the only shots i pop tangle the top chakrah
extract the metaphor, expose the spooks who sit by the door ensurin you dont make it too far
I aint a tough guy in the mirror practicin
I gift rap, minus the bow and cheap packaging
every breath is taken in rebel fashion
arrive on the bus and depart in a patti-wagon

From the lips with the shit that I tell
to the click from the clip and the shell
angels gettin' lifted from hell
from the Spliff that I lift and inhale

From the lips with the shit that I tell
to the click from the clip and the shell
angels gettin' lifted from hell
from the Spliff that I lift and inhale, it aint hard to tell

June: Abominate ya mind demolition malarky spittin
cabbage packin kids in a box that you got and forced to listen
I trap and load my mind with ammunition
passenger driven by demon steering minds to forge percision
'cuz in between lines and bars that I jot I can tell-a-vision
your flat-plasma cant endure the way I mention
WEAKNESS! flatline to anyone that reaches
lyrical ethers distinguishin' ya facial features
let's get it in partner, rally your troops, lace up ya boots
get it crackin'! and stand by what you gloat to commute
nigga my vocab throw jabs when I'm forced to induce
typical nomads that blow past and floss all their juice
I'm in cahoots with some scavengin' troops, scandalous truth
surface the earth, and balance glorifyin' your worth
so if it hurts, take a shot of L, soak it up well
your washed up partner so ponder more on takin that L

From the lips with the shit that I tell
to the click from the clip and the shell
angels gettin' lifted from hell
from the Spliff that I lift and inhale

From the lips with the shit that I tell
to the click from the clip and the shell
angels gettin' lifted from hell
from the Spliff that I lift and inhale, it aint hard to tell'
Track Name: Smooth Jazz
Wreck be gettin' ill for real, that ritalin pill
puttin the focus back in the madness we livin' in still
I feel its my responsibility when killin' these mics
To be right and precise as military strikes
without vanilla my soliloquy profess my ability
we god-body like 5 percenters and Lil B
these lil niggas is killin me with they trilogies, we real MCs
its really nothin' to kill 'em with ease
a piece of paper floatin' out the window sill in the breeze
I'm like a message in a bottle trynna get over seas
I get appeased by groupies when they get on they knees
so I could, give a fuck bout trynna get on TV
I'm on CDs, mp3s, rockin Scope Apparel T's
yall spit crack, me I spit them coca-barrel keys
frosty-freeze I be the b-boy with busted knees
bustin raps for traps but not enough to cuff the trees
What the fuck is up with thes wannabes gettin cheese
you wanna respond? you should probably let it be...
Track Name: Movers & Shakers
...And we're back

On this planet, time is not a given
we've allowed our minds to limit our vision
unable to see what has arisen
so now we must listen

I'm trynna keep it drama free, light-hearted like a comedy
why these niggas gotta bother me
thinkin' I won't pop like they standin' on my property
you don't believe it come to Boston you can watch and see
I'm so Roxbury, they should name a street after me
take it easy, just repeat after me
I shall (I shall) Proceed (Proceed) and continue
to not give a fuck if I offend you
These cats is lookin like meals on the menu
your girl lookin lonely like she'll want a friend to
she loves the way I make love to her mental
and she masterbatin' to the instrumental
I'm just fittin in the missin' piece, makin the image complete
considered heat once you hear what I did to the beat
Oh Blizz this shit's a beast! Worth like a grip at least
I bet even Fran-P wouldn't disagree
This is me bear witness when I kick a free
Catchin' Wreck and I'll never do it differently
I'ont think they listenin' close enough
This is somethin different so get with it and open up
Guarenteed the flow viscous I rip shit
Ask the cougars how Mr. Young Black and Gifted hits it
Its just terrific, I'm a terrifyin' force
they aint never gon get it I won't let 'em find the source

I'm a mover and a shaker, trooper and great debater
rowdy demonstrator comin' through with somethin' major
Don't do this for the bitches I don't do this for the paper
They callin' me a hater they the true discriminators (2x)

She Lookin fly but she playin hard to get
Too bad, Too many bad broads for her to be worth the sweat
and you should see the one that I'll be workin' with next
she's certainly blessed, had to tell her to flirt with me less
the flow solid and the beat proper
ya man Wreck on a roll like a e-popper
6-pack of PBR and some cheap vodka
blunt or 2 to the face, next thing you know, the track laced
don't get smacked in the face
I'm bringin' back that old shit to put you cats in ya place
I aint gotta say what you soundin' like
but you'll be sorry once you get me around a mic
It must be 1975, I'm gettin' down tonight
A couple clowns gettin hype so I'm bound to fight
I'm bout it bout it like Master-P in '96
That's why my rhymes be sick, I only kick that grimey shit
talk all you want but its harder to do
Grassroots Grind is the group CCR is the crew
clear the way when you see us comin' through
only time will tell, we the Leaders of the New

I'm a mover and a shaker, trooper and great debater
rowdy demonstrator comin' through with somethin' major
Don't do this for the bitches I don't do this for the paper
They callin' me a hater they the true discriminators (2x)

On this planet, time is not a given
we've allowed our minds to limit our vision
unable to see what has arisen
so now we must listen

Outkast of the class, Bastard of the Party
Red Bull spillin out my glass of the Bacardi
You cats is hardly, winnin' like Charlie
Sheen, I'm obscene with green like Bob Marley
Chris Farley flow its O.D.
and I know these niggas aint trynna go toe-totoe with me
I'm totally open for openin' wounds
Metal-face in 2012, I'll be votin' for Doom
Elephants I scoped in the room
Is it me or the coke and the shrooms? I'm so closed to consumed
you aint gettin' on no time soon
I just put it on the line like the notes in the tune
fly out to M-town with King Ray and Project Pat
shoutout to Beantown just wait 'till the God get back
Reppin' the Bean from NY to down south B
Hoes on my dick 'cuz I rap better than Moufy
Been on the same shit you know my steez
and aint no need for the pop chips and David Ortiz
Promoters get me to pay to perform, please!
That's why most rappers either hustle flavor or the trees

I'm a mover and a shaker, trooper and great debater
rowdy demonstrator comin' through with somethin' major
Don't do this for the bitches I don't do this for the paper
They callin' me a hater they the true discriminators
Track Name: Is he Ill?
I said I'm gettin there you feel me? That's right! Get Scared!
...'Cuz they wasn't expecting that
I scream on muhfuckas...

So supervillain the way I'm feelin'
More than Mass appeal for the shit that I be revealin'
I mean every word I mean me and my people's chillin'
Scopin the situation with clothing makin' a killin'
I do the body rock, rock it 'till the break of dawn
my life got mixed up now the pockets in my papers gone
but you've waited a long time for that new shit
so i'ma come through with that vodka Absolut shit
that 80 proof shit, that fuck you up quicker
that spin the room wakin you up on some fuck liquor
what's up with the kid, they wonderin' how or prob'ly
Is he ill or is illuminati? I be
confusin them, bruisin' them with the left and the right
Put and end to Armegeddon when I test the mic
So get it right Catch Wreck flex in a heartbeat
while most of these niggas don't got heart hardly
but pardon me, I'm bein' rude again
you better watch for these imposters and watch what I do to them
Wreck and Retro like the Muthafuckin Superfriends
The same click now knockin' out ya tooth again
They do pretend we do the opposite
droppin' it, mo' proppa then a stripper at the opera
These Hip Hoppas gon get up in ya chakras
Timed it so perfect they wonderin' where the clock was
shoutout to Flavor Flav, shoutout to Chuck D
shoutout to PG, them cats fuck with me
We got a team of muhfuckas in the car
I'm rockin' with Retrospek and the CCR
Its two times like the hits before the pass
I body the track fast, with a sickness sure to last
I supported for the past couple years now I'm here
and you better show some love before a brother disappear
pull the curtain my team is puttin the work in
you say the same thing but you aint lookin' as certain
In studios overlookin the Mass Pike
these niggas aint got a prayer and I'm cookin' up last rites
No sleep these past couple of nights
red eye paper planin I'm buckled up for the flight
no weapon just knuckle up in a fight
Its Wreck and the CCR what the fuck it look like?
Track Name: Philosophy for the Ages
Models on the runway, McDonalds on a Sunday
I see beyond the liquor bottles and the Gunplay
I'm Aristotle philosophy for the ages
for the mentally enslaved for the thoughts locked in cages
for the people, for the mission, for the reason that we spittin'
for the culture, for the future which has already been written
what we forget in this spinnin' circle or cycle
is the spirit is within us this isn't church or a bible
this survival of the fittest in the wickedest of settings
mix the business with religiousness and this is what you gettin'
politics with poverty pimpin' as a profession
I'm watchin it all happen but questionin, second guessin'
like, teacher lied, i deflected and left the lesson
but then I reflected, selected another method
so now I'm johnny blazin rappers bby the dubsack
in a house full of stoners on some pass that, lemme puff that
grew up fightin' man I laughed at every "tough cat"
nowadays they only wanna let the gat blast when they buck that
I'm on some fuck that, still for the up and up
still for the left and right hooks, still for the uppercuts
and if you fuck with us, you catchin' all of the above
brolick brawlin' got 'em callin' me a thug
but I'm not
smart enough to expose the plot
caught the attention of the cops but avoided gettin' caught
every mention of Malcolm X got me noided of gettin' caught
stepped in the booth with the truth, and boy did it get hot!
Track Name: Steppin' to Tomorrow
Ayo my crew got gurus abbots and Bad Rabbits
Bad seeds, with bad attitudes and Bad Habits
but the shit that we be doin' is magic
and it'll take more than a heckler to ruin this hat trick
my click come through with the hatchet
no use pursuin nigga u wouldnt match it
I'm all that in a greasy bag of chips, this the fat shit
this that deep fried catfish
not to be confused with you pussy cats that act bitch
this that crack you can make a couple stacks with
shittin on these rappers with no laxative
laughin at these niggas while I break it down and crack a blizz
fanbase of backpackers and cracker kids
got me rappin for PBR and a pack of cigs
double-stack, this is for the brothers who bubble to stack
I keep it rockin' like rubble I bring the trouble back
and I never been a subtle cat
Freedom of speech, I spit fire when the club is packed
brother that never gave a fuck about another cat
but even in his days as a hustler son every dub was fat
you gotta love how I give it to 'em
I lays it down pretty smoothe like how the rhythm doin
I'm intorducin somethin' new I'm begginin' a movement
And you just mad that you aint fittin into it so screw it
I just do it nigga check for me, nike music
I'm gettin hyphy no one said you had to like me stupid
It might be stupid but he likely to spite me for crew shit
I might be ruthless but some fightin' is likely let's do this
Its whatever you can find me I'm right around
with goons ridin 'round Newbury and Cybersound
I'm Roxbury they must've forgot how I get down
You better show some respect nigga my time is now...

That's right! Catch Wreck is the future!! You step to me, you steppin' to tomorrow son!!! Just make sure you ready for that...
Track Name: The Plan
I aint want it to get this ugly but they started with me
and to think I wanted to make them a part of history
listen b, the horizons is gettin broader
Rah, Evill Dewer, Blizz the tracks are just gettin hotter
Comin' live with some of the dopes shit you heard
you aint comin close, I been focused you herb
respect it bitch I'm givin you the roast you deserve
I'm swervin', drunk surgeon cuttin' close to the nerve
these niggas got me pissed now I'm blowin' some herb
Reppin' the hood rebellion overthrowin the burbs
say word, this is for niggas that chill on the curb
and uh fuck the police let 'em get what they deserve
let me say what the fuck I feel, keepin' it real
I don't need nobodies approval I got equal appeal
record deal, nope! Wreck rep' for the people in jail
I'm rootin for the underdog team of people that's frail
I'm on some David and Goliath we strivin' to fight fully
return of the troublemaker still beatin' up all the bullies
Wooly mammoth they pushin' me to the brink
don't make me make your whole motherfuckin squad extinct
bad combo, I'm liquor and a energy drink
wildin' don't give a fuck what the enemy think
I'm wildin like an inmate 'till they send me to the brink
Frank Lucas with my broad lookin' deadly in a mink
I'm a motherfuckin problem, somebody stop him
Not a Christian but God help you if you cross him
I'm from Boston, Roxbury reppin'
Egleston to be exact nigga now get to steppin'...

I just feel so damn disrespected
Slow down and think about the plan for a second (4x)
Track Name: Revised
(June) Sometimes we have to ask ourselves what we are fighting for
And sometimes we don't know
So we go back to the drawing board
To pick up a pen, call up a friend, to revise the plan again

(Catch) Sometimes I'd rather quit, let go of this whole shit
like what was I thinkin' trynna bring hope to the hopeless
I'm trynna stay focused but stress is makin' it harder
I don't sleep, I just think about my unborn son or daughter
And it gets hotter 'cuz every Summer somebody pass
Somebody locked in a box whether or not he blast
Gotti cash is just a dream in the hood
niggas pumpin' for years, still servin' fiends in the hood
and its hard trynna be understood
keepin it real in the sea of the fake
if you don't believe it just wait
there's a hypocrite to judge for every single mistake
they trynna tell you where you goin' like they been through the gate
and thats exactly why we're startin' to begin to loose faith
like why love just stay single and hate

(June) Oh, I know, its happening again
Oh, I know, it happens all the time

(Catch) words of kindness keep me goin' for the moment
but I'm gettin love at every show with no promotion
so, I'm back to smokin' and henny over-dosin'
anything to hide from my emotions
I been so close to the edge that I've wanted to leap
but everytime I do I hear Dinko talkin to me
and I be wonderin' damn, how could it possibly be
I must be here for a reason, I'm not locked or deceased
I hear the clock tickin' I'm desperate to make a move
I aint movin' on a prospect unless it can pay for food
paid the dues but now I'm hungry for the majors too
but not to make it in a mansion I wanna pay for schools
I wanna pay for tools to build, I wanna keep it real in this fabricated field, I guess I'm dreamin'
I guess I'm seemin' like I'm unrealistic but yall gon have to listen up because I'm done bein a misfit with this shit!

(June) Oh, I know, its happening again
Oh, I know, it happens all the time

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves what we are fighting for
And sometimes we don't know
So we go back to the drawing board
To pick up a pen, call up a friend, to revise the plan again

(Catch) Live and learn reflect, roll up a blizz and burn
grab a dance partner give her a spin or a turn
either get with it or get rid of whatever you earn
first you born, than you burn and sit in the urn
and in between you make the most of whatever you get it's
to whom much is given much is expected, let's get it!
and if you made it through the toughest of settings, you better recognize the blessings and have love for the lessons
just when you thought you had it all figured out
life's a bitch but its callin you out, so what you all about?
Nevermind all of the clout
you either blaze a trail or you follow the route

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